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F. G. Marshall Ltd

F. G. Marshall Ltd. Calligraphy Specialists

F. G. Marshall Ltd. is a company based in the UK. We have been established since 1932, and specialise in hand-crafted books (including book binding, re-binding and restoration), calligraphy, artwork, stone cutting and cabinet making. We undertake work for a great variety of clients, including business organisations, charities and churches, as well as producing quality work for individuals and special events around the world.

Calligraphy has been at the core of the work produced at Marshall Studios since its inception in the 1930s. Subsequently we have a number of very experienced calligraphers with the ability to produce a range of lettering styles, from traditional pen-formed letters to more elaborate and decorative forms.

Specialised artwork
F.G.Marshall pride themselves on the excellent quality of the specialised artwork they have supplied to Borough Offices, Corporations, Councils, and individuals over the years. We hand-produce illuminated manuscripts, presentation scrolls and certificates.
Illuminated manuscripts or certificates can be painted onto vellum or high quality paper. The artwork is usually used to complement and embellish lettering or a body of text. In addition to the vibrant colours that can be used, 24 carat gold leaf may be applied, enhancing the exquisite quality of a design.

F. G. Marshall Ltd. are specialists in the restoration of damaged or worn books and documents due to excessive handling or environmental damage by acid or sun. A team of trained, conscientious craftspeople take pride in restoring books close to their original condition, and ensuring that further decay is inhibited.

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F.G.Marshall Ltd
Danish Barn, Langley Bottom Farm, Langley Vale Road. Epsom, Surrey KT18 6AP
TELEPHONE. 01372 274 386

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